Titles, Names, and other Lies

As marketers, we walk often walk a thin line between lies and the Truth.

In school, they said we weren’t supposed to spin, distort, or frame the truth to prevent people from understanding what they were reading or seeing. In real life, we compromise and meet somewhere in the middle to protect our brand image. We politely say what we want without admitting the whole truth. Like using words like manageable when talking about an oil spill and try to focus our audience on our clean-up efforts.

I except these types of LIES. I mean I went in advertising and not PR for a reason.

But still……….

Blatantly calling something by the wrong name to make it sound bigger or more complicated will just confuse your audience.

Check out this beverage holder I bought yesterday. 

You bought a cup or a bottle or maybe even a thermos……but beverage holder? #tryagain



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